The High Cost of Living Your Life Online

To be online is to be constantly exposed. While it may seem normal, it’s a level of exposure we’ve never dealt with before as human beings. We’re posting on Twitter, and people we’ve never met are responding with their thoughts and criticisms. People are looking at your latest Instagram selfie. They’re literally swiping on your … Read more

A Huge New Data Set Pushes the Limits of Neuroscience

So neuroscientists use an approach called “dimensionality reduction” to make such visualization possible—they take data from thousands of neurons and, by applying clever techniques from linear algebra, describe their activities using just a few variables. This is just what psychologists did in the 1990s to define their five major domains of human personality: openness, agreeableness, … Read more

A Matrix Update Patches Serious End-to-End Encryption Flaws

Developers of the open source Matrix messenger protocol have released an update to fix critical end-to-end encryption vulnerabilities that subvert the confidentiality and authentication guarantees that have been key to the platform’s meteoric rise. Matrix is a sprawling ecosystem of open source and proprietary chat and collaboration clients and servers that are fully interoperable. The … Read more

The End of Google Stadia

Google Stadia is shutting down. Just three years after it launched, Google’s big bet on cloud gaming will stop operating on January 18, 2023. Its rapid demise isn’t a complete shock. Despite Google’s extravagant efforts to build hype around the service it branded the “future of gaming,” the company’s grand plan always lacked one key … Read more