Life Is Great in the Age of No Secrets

it used to be that if you were a technophile you were also very possibly, to some degree, a conspiracist. The two were adjacent; some of the foundational texts of nerddom are basically conspiracies repackaged as fiction or parody—The Illuminatus! Trilogy, The Book of the SubGenius. When the internet showed up, it became the place … Read more

Sea to Summit Alto TR1 Review: A Fantastic Ultralight Tent

It’s reasonable to expect a few teething problems with a company’s new product, even more so when it’s a category the brand hasn’t ventured into before. That’s what I expected when I first heard about Sea to Summit’s new ultralight tents: the freestanding Telos and the slightly cheaper, semi-freestanding Alto. But the company, which typically … Read more

Big Tech Has Become a Creature of the Swamp

Last October, on the day whistleblower Frances Haugen testified before her committee, Senator Amy Klobuchar gave a candid, if depressing, summation of the effect of all that DC spending: “We have not done a thing to update US competition, privacy & tech laws,” she tweeted. “Nothing. Zilch. Why? Because there are lobbyists around every single … Read more