The UN just handed out an urgent climate to-do list

As inexpensive as wind and solar are, they can still represent a significant financial investment. That’s why the new report emphasizes that improved access to financing, especially for developing nations, would help speed climate action. “Money cannot solve everything, but it is critical to narrowing the gap between those who are most vulnerable and those … Read more

Weight loss drugs, and a new abortion fight frontier

Over the course of the last year, so-called “miracle” weight-loss drugs have blown up across the internet. Although celebrity users have boosted their standing, they owe much of their fame to social media and discussion boards, where they are promoted by influencers and everyday people alike. Yet not everyone who wants them goes to a … Read more

Texas is trying out new tactics to restrict access to abortion pills online

Texas is trying to limit access to abortion pills by cracking down on internet service providers and credit card processing companies. These tactics reflect the reality that, post-Roe, the internet is a critical channel for people seeking information about abortion or trying to buy pills to terminate a pregnancy—especially in states where they can no … Read more

Weight-loss injections have taken over the internet. But what does this mean for people IRL?

Good side effects, bad side effects In the beginning, weight loss was just a side effect. GLP-1 RAs were first developed to treat type 2 diabetes; their hormone-mimicking action provokes insulin production. In 2005, the US Food and Drug Administration approved the first drug of this kind, Exenatide, for diabetics. Throughout the 2000s, more and … Read more

A new paradigm for managing data

Regeneron isn’t the only company eager to derive more value from its data. Despite the enormous amounts of data they collect and the amount of capital they invest in data management solutions, business leaders are still not benefitting from their data. According to IDC research, 83% of CEOs want their organizations to be more data … Read more

China tech giant Baidu releases its answer to ChatGPT

As expected, Ernie Bot (the name stands for “Enhanced Representation from kNowledge IntEgration;” its Chinese name is 文心一言, or Wenxin Yiyan) performs particularly well on tasks specific to Chinese culture, like explaining a historical fact or writing a traditional poem. (Li says as a Chinese company, Baidu “has to perform better than any pre-trained LLMs” … Read more


Editor’s note: This is a translation of a story about how the crime-tracking app Citizen has been giving away free subscriptions to elderly Asians in the Bay Area. Find the English language version here. 本文是与普利策中心的人工智能问责网络合作撰写的。 当外面天黑的时候,约瑟芬·赵(Josephine Zhao)哪怕只是走几个街区就能回到旧金山的家,有时也会多叫一双“眼睛”——字面意义的眼睛。 赵打开手机上的Citizen App,通过一个名为“实时监控”的功能,与该平台的一个客服人员建立联系。而该平台也可以通过网络追踪到赵的GPS位置,客服只要点击另一个按钮,就可以得到打开她手机摄像头的授权。这样该平台就可以“看到我所看到的东西”,赵说。通常来说,她甚至不会和客服人员进行对话,但她知道“这时有人和我一起走”,这会让赵感到安心一些。 这是赵最近采取的最新安全措施之一:她也避免乘坐公共交通工具,以及在城市里走路的时候,会在她的钥匙链上挂着一个长长的尖头装置。这个装置是一个浅粉色的塑料制品,必要的时候会变成一个武器。 但在她看来,Citizen这样一个允许用户报告和跟踪附近犯罪通知的超级本地应用程序是她最好的保护手段之一,这种数据驱动的DIY安全措施能够保护一个长期被忽视的群体。 “我们在教育、公共安全、住房、交通方面上的需求,都没有得到满足和关切。就好像我们不重要一样。”赵说,她目前也是多家教育非政府组织的代课教师和社区联络员,“我们的需求没有得到尊重,我们的需求没有得到满足,人们到处都轻视我们。” “我真的相信Citizen是一个维持社会正义和种族正义的工具。” “我们必须实施一些行动来保护我们的社群,”她补充道。“Citizen是最完美的工具。” 在当地持续发生基于种族的攻击、以及一系列针对亚裔居民的大规模枪击事件之后,许多亚裔和太平洋岛民(AAPI,Asian-American and Pacific Islander)社群的居民们都告诉《麻省理工科技评论》他们欢迎这款应用程序,认为它可以解决反亚仇恨带给他们的焦虑。 对于这些受到严重创伤的人们来说,Citizen成为了让他们获得安心的一种方式。 Citizen的转型 对于这款应用来说,这种积极的反响似乎有些奇怪。毕竟因放大了人们对犯罪的幻想,并帮助白人居民实行种族门禁,它长期以来一直都在遭受着批评的声音。Citizen最初被命名为“治安警员”,因为它有一段曲折的历史:苹果应用商店在该款应用2016年推出后的一周内就将其下架,因为它违反了苹果的《开发者审查指南》,该指南规定应用程序不得鼓励身体伤害。2021年,该公司的首席执行官要求他的员工悬赏3万美元,寻找一名他误认为在洛杉矶纵火的人,这在当时成为了头条新闻。而且该款应用的客户也经常因发表种族主义言论而受到批评。 正是在这种情况下,这款应用现在正在积极地争取像赵这样的用户。从2022年9月开始,通过社区团体如奥克兰华埠商会(Oakland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce)或者旧金山美国华商总会(Chinese … Read more